Yiwu Forest Fair

BAW Air-cushioned Shoes: To “Visit” All Over the World

BAW Air-cushioned Shoes: To “Visit” All Over the World In the BAW air cushion shoe store owned by Jundang Lin, Deputy Secretary-General of Yiwu-Taiwan Business Association stands a very eye-catching huge picture, in which Ma Ying-jeou(the 12th president of the Republic of China) is holding a pair of shoes. “Our air-cushioned shoes are comfortable and […]

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Internationalization of Yiwu Jujube

Internationalization of Yiwu Jujube Yiwu City Huaxiu Jujube Institute (Huaxiu Village) was founded in 2006. After painstakingly research, Zhenghua Lou changed the situation of a single species(only Yiwu Jujube) in the past and has now increased to more than 40 species. The cultivated seedlings form an orchards of about a hundred acres, including fresh-eating, processing […]

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