Internationalization of Yiwu Jujube

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Internationalization of Yiwu Jujube

Yiwu City Huaxiu Jujube Institute (Huaxiu Village) was founded in 2006. After painstakingly research, Zhenghua Lou changed the situation of a single species(only Yiwu Jujube) in the past and has now increased to more than 40 species. The cultivated seedlings form an orchards of about a hundred acres, including fresh-eating, processing and viewing species.

Zhenghua Lou is the principal of Huaxiu Jujube Institute. Apart from taking care of the acres of jujubes, he also has to serve as a guide to tell historical stories about “Yiwu jujube” to foreign friends. Lou said, “Since last year, after I participated in the Forest Fair, my village soon became prosperous. Customers from Wenzhou and Ningbo will always come to my village and I also receive many merchants from South Korea and the UAE.”

The relationship between foreign merchants and jujube should be attributed to the Forest Fair last year. On the Fair, Lou’s fresh jujubes soon won the favor of foreign purchasers. “As soon as the show ended, there were some foreigners who wanted to cooperate with me. Considering the ability of jujube production is limited, I didn’t decided to do foreign trade.” Zhenghua Lou said, “This year, I received 12 batches of foreigners, all of them said they are looking forward to see the internationalization of Yiwu jujubes.” Subsequently, Lou took out the 200 pounds of jujubes he hided in his room and told the reporters, “recently we have many customers who want to buy honeydates. These 200 pounds were deliberately hidden, because i prepare to display on the Fair and let foreigners to have a taste.”

Zhenghua Lou revealed he also plans to take several strains of dates seedlings to the show so as to advocate Yiwu jujube culture and at the same time disseminate Yiwu southdates and Yiwu honeydates.

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