BAW Air-cushioned Shoes: To “Visit” All Over the World

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BAW Air-cushioned Shoes: To “Visit” All Over the World

In the BAW air cushion shoe store owned by Jundang Lin, Deputy Secretary-General of Yiwu-Taiwan Business Association stands a very eye-catching huge picture, in which Ma Ying-jeou(the 12th president of the Republic of China) is holding a pair of shoes.

“Our air-cushioned shoes are comfortable and breathable, even Mr. Ma Ying-jeou is wearing them. I believe those who have ever worn them will be reluctant to take off.” Jundang Lin is very confident in the BAW air-cushioned shoes which have already gained more than 10 patents at home and abroad.

Through more than ten years of research and development, BAW air-cushioned shoes have indeed achieved recycling of the air inside and outside the shoes. “The secret is in the special recycling air-cushion. It can inhale fresh air and eliminate stuffy air by the pressure impressed by heels so that it can not only massage the sole of feet but also keep the shoes ventilated and prevent from Foot Odor,” said Lin. Because of this, this air cushioned shoes have attracted many exhibitors on the Forest Fair last year. “The display of this new shoes was very influencial, many customers asked if there’s a store. Therefore, we set up the first mainland flagship shop in Yiwu.”

Apart from the air-cushioned shoes exhibited last year, we also prepared new intelligent air-cushioned shoes, which can automatically sense the wearer’s body weight and exercise patterns, and then inhale different amounts of air to adjust the air pressure of the cushion so as to avoid shock and protect the wearer’s knees and ankles.” Jundang Lin introduced. BAW is the abbreviation of “Best Air Walk” and it’s committed to make sure the inside shoes have adequate fresh air to reduce compress during walking or exercise so as to bring health.

After the successful exhibition last year, Jundang Lin is more confident with the Forest Fair this year. “We hope to expand the domestic market through this year’s Fair so that consumers across the country can wear such good shoes,” said Lin. At present, all BAW air-cushioned shoes are made in Taiwan, so the price is still relatively high. But once the mainland market is opened and technology and production lines be brought in, the cost of production will be greatly reduced. By then the price will be affordable to more consumers and this kind of shoes will be widely weared.

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