South American Market: new engine of Yiwu Foreign trade

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South American Market: new engine of Yiwu Foreign trade

South American Market Is Expected to Become The “New Engine” of Yiwu Foreign Trade Prosperity

Recently, 16 Yiwu enterprises returned from the exhibition of 2010 Sao Paulo, Brazil International Houseware & Gift Fair (Browse Yiwu Trade Shows and 2010 Yiwu Fair) . This is the first time for the delegation to participate in exhibition held in Brazil.

Could Brazil, a distant and passionate country in South America, with which Yiwu entrepreneurs have seldom done business reserve tremendous business opportunities?

In fact, this trip was never just for an exhibition.The aim was to explore the Brazil market. Jia Liping, a representative told us, “We should go out to see more and exchange ideas with others rather than just stay still in the current market. At present, China Yiwu International Trade Market share in Europe and the United States has been relatively stable, while Europe and the United States economy has not fully recovered and the Middle East market is highly competitive, therefore, prices are kept quite low. It’s necessary for enterprises in Yiwu to explore new markets if they want to make a breakthrough.

In contrast, South America was less affected by the financial crisis, and the consumer goods market is growing fast in recent years. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to visit the South American market and understand in-depth of market demand.”

“Sao Paulo, with a population of more than 18 million, is the largest city as well as industrial center of Brazil, which, to a great extent, decided its important economic position. It is Brazil’s largest daily necessities distribution center with a 25 Street and two great fairs and it allows either wholesale or retail business,” said Zhu Dejun, “And i believe enterprises who have visited there will be greatly inspired.”

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