A Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress


A Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress 

In the famous movie In the Mood for Love, we were extremely expressed by the clothes the heroine wears. Those are traditional garments in China; we call this kind of garment cheongsam.

The cheongsam is a body-hugging (modified in Shanghai) one-piece Chinese dress for women; the male version is the changshan. It is known in Mandarin Chinese as the qípáo, pronounced Wade-Giles ch'i-p'ao, and is also known in English as a mandarin gown. The stylish and often tight-fitting cheongsam or qipao (chipao) that is most often associated with today was created in the 1920s in Shanghai and was made fashionable by socialites and upper-class women. 

In fact, the cheongsam became popular since 90's in last century. At that time, Chinese brides like to wear red cheongsam in their wedding ceremony because red color means optimizes, power, and love. During several decades, cheongsam is always the favorite of east brides. This wedding dress represents their eternal love

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