Yiwu puppets

Yiwu puppets

Yiwu puppets are mainly centered in international trade city district 1. It has a long history; it is usually used in playing programs. Puppet represents a kind of Chinese traditional opera. It is also the show us Chinese traditional culture and customs. Yiwu puppets experienced many different stages when comes to its development.

Mostly, Yiwu puppets are made of wood. It is used the wood to carve something like human beings or other living creatures. It is usually used to describe some dull-witted expressions. So we would always hear some voice like: he is really like a puppet.

The structure of Yiwu puppets seems very easy. But it is on the contrary, all the puppets are man-made. They need very careful work. If one step is wrong, everything of it turns to in vain. Yiwu puppets include shadow puppet, mention line, sack and staff head. The four parts are closely linked.  

As to Yiwu puppets, it is not a small wooden thing, it also show the beauty of artic for Chinese people. If you want to know more information about Yiwu puppets, please feel free to contact us. We are No 1 Yiwu agent, and we will give you our best service.

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Yiwu puppets

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