Yiwu Craft Market

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Yiwu Craft Market

If you want to purchase crafts, then I suggest you should visit Yiwu craft market. Craft production is one of the pillar industries in Yiwu. It almost covers all kinds of crafts produced by domestic factories. Besides, 80% of Yiwu’s crafts are exported to foreign countries such as the Middle East, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Now, Yiwu craft market has become the largest crafts trading platform in China or even in the whole world. 

Yiwu craft market locates in the third floor of the International Trade City District 1. The whole story is exactly like a paradise of arts and crafts. According to different materials, all the crafts can be divided into crystal crafts, glass crafts, bamboo crafts, metal crafts, jade crafts, ceramic crafts, resin crafts, acrylic crafts as well as pearl and shell crafts etc. While due to different functions, they also can be classified into daily-use crafts, Christmas crafts, religious crafts, festival crafts, souvenirs and so forth. What’s more, you are also able to find arts & crafts of different styles and designs from retro style to fashionable modish flavor. As long as you want, you always can find something meet your taste.

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