market in Yiwu China

Yiwu market in China Yiwu market in China also named yiwu internaional commodity trade market or yiwu futian market. It is famous for its various of commodities. People from different countries all over the world come to yiwu market purchasing. After years of operating,Yiwu market have a stable source of customers,have a certain reputation and […]

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Yiwu market shopping

  Yiwu market shopping China Yiwu International Trade City is very famous as the largest small commodities wholesale market in the world. All of the businessmen come to China make purchases for their organization or enterprise. Yiwu market shopping must be an unforgettable trip in China. There are 5 districts in Yiwu International Trade City. […]

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Yiwu fashion wholesale market

  Yiwu fashion wholesale market Yiwu fashion wholesale market is the ideal place for you to find the newest designs and the most fashionable things. You can save your energy to travel from one place to another place outdoor. In the yiwu international trade city, you can visit the Yiwu fashion wholesale market. Yiwu fashion wholesale […]

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Futian market yiwu products

  Futian market yiwu products Futian market yiwu products cover almost every kinds of small commodity from toys to fittings. Futian market yiwu products are in five districts in the yiwu international trade city, and they are in the different catalogues. You can find products of the same catalogue in the same area. In the district1, […]

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