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Yiwu market in China

Yiwu market in China also named yiwu internaional commodity trade market or yiwu futian market. It is famous for its various of commodities. People from different countries all over the world come to yiwu market purchasing.

After years of operating,Yiwu market have a stable source of customers,have a certain reputation and honor at both home and abroad. But there is still necessary to introduce yiwu market in order to expand its cooperation partner.

There are 5 districts in Yiwu market.

District1 (from A to E)

1. The first floor: artificial flower, flush toys electronic toys, ordinary toy etc.

2. The second floor: hair ornament and jewelry etc.

3. The third floor: photo frame, all kinds of arts & crafts, tourist handicraft, crystal&porcelain etc.

District2 (F & G)

1. The first floor: packing bag, umbrella and rain coat, suitcase and bag and so forth.

2. The second floor: the hardware

3. The third floor: the electronic products and kitchenware

Distrist3 (H)

1. The first floor: school and office stationery

2. The second floor: stationery and sports equipments

3. The third floor: cosmetics, mirrors&combs, zippers&buttons&clothing accessories


1. The first floor: socks and pants

2. The second floor: hats, daily consumable, gloves and other knitting products

3. The third floor: shoes, towel, necktie, wool yarn, lace, sewing thread & tape etc.

4. The fourth floor: scarf, belt, bar & underwear


1. The first floor: import goods

2. The second floor: the beddings for home and hotel

3. The third floor: knitting raw material, clothing material, curtains

4. The forth floor: car accessories

Every district has many booths there. So it will be very tired if you purchasing in the whole Yiwu market.

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