Futian market yiwu products


Futian market yiwu products

Futian market yiwu products cover almost every kinds of small commodity from toys to fittings. Futian market yiwu products are in five districts in the yiwu international trade city, and they are in the different catalogues. You can find products of the same catalogue in the same area.

In the district1, you can find the Futian market yiwu products like the artifices, ornaments, jewelers, toys and flowers.

In the district2, you can find products such as bags and luggage, umbrellas and rain coats, hardware and fittings, locks, cars and some household electrical equipment and so on. 

In the distrct3, you can find stationery and office supports, cosmetics, glasses, zippers, and button and clothing accessories etc.

In the district4, there are stocks, daily consumes, shoes, ties and under wears and so on.

And in the district5, the last one, it is mainly for the import products and beddings as well as automotive supplies and bedding set, health product,knitting fabrics.

To sum up, Futian market yiwu products can always meet your requirements and you can find what you want here. Yiwu market is the ideal place for you to realize the one-stop solution service. Of course, you need the help from the yiwu agent. You can contact us freely; we will offer the best service.

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