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Yiwu slippers

Yiwu slippers Yiwu slippers are very easy and convenient for everyone. They are comfortable when we wear them. But mostly, when people wear slippers are just inside. Very few people dare to wear slippers outside. However, Yiwu slippers can help you to solve the trouble. For the elegant, loose slippers, new designs are also one […]

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Yiwu puppets

Yiwu puppets Yiwu puppets are mainly centered in international trade city district 1. It has a long history; it is usually used in playing programs. Puppet represents a kind of Chinese traditional opera. It is also the show us Chinese traditional culture and customs. Yiwu puppets experienced many different stages when comes to its development. […]

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Yiwu easels

Yiwu easels Do you like painting? Yes!Here you could find a good partner as you draw. Yiwu easels can meet your needs in very way. The big size, small size both has different styles. Yiwu easels are located in International Trade City District 2, and the first floor. Easels consist of few braches jut and […]

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Yiwu ladders

Yiwu ladders Yiwu ladders located in Yiwu China international Trade City District 2, and the second floor. With the development of the society, ladders are widely used in our daily life. When people want to decorate their rooms, a ladder is very necessary for them to get higher. When someone wants to hold a big […]

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Yiwu hairpins

Yiwu hairpins Are you still bored with your long fringe hair which is always easily to cover with your bright eyes? Yiwu hairpins belongs Yiwu jewelry market which is located in China Yiwu international city.  Are you still doubt that you want to cut your fringe but is neither to long nor too short?Ok, now […]

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Yiwu radio

Yiwu radio Yiwu Radio and Television Station is the only institution that undertakes the designing and broadcasting of radio and television programs. It is the same background in the foreign courntries. As a general rule, the freguency of the FM and AM will change with the region in addition to the shortwave. In this case, […]

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Yiwu MP3

Yiwu MP3 The full name of MP3 is Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III. However, if you can’t afford to purchase a luxurious or brand MP3, It’s very convenient and economical for you to come to Yiwu market-the paradise for retailers and wholesalers. Yiwu MP3 must satisfy your requirements and demands.  Certaily,Yiwu MP3 player […]

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Yiwu wallpapers

Yiwu wallpapers When people decorating their bedroom, they want their metope more abundant and distinctive.The most economy way is to select the wallpaper of individual character. So on the Yiwu market, Yiwu wallpaper with various type and different style can satisfy the requirements and demands of the consumer.  Yiwu wallpaper can be roughly divided into […]

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Bracelet in Yiwu

Bracelet in Yiwu As the largest small commodities wholesale city, Yiwu is the paradise of buyers. You can find all kinds of bracelets of different qualities, prices, designs here. Bracelet in Yiwu accounts for a large part of the jewelry market, which located in Yiwu China international trade city district 1. Hundreds of jewelry suppliers […]

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Yiwu China towels

Yiwu China towels Can we live without using any towel, the answer is exactly no. We start everyday with towel, also we change our towels regularly. So if your shop sells daily essentials, then towels must be your commodity item. Yiwu China towels offer you products at better price, and ensure the quality at the […]

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