Merchants All Over the World Come to Panning at Yiwu Stock Street

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There is a very special commercial street near the Yiwu Small Commodity Market, which specializes in selling all kinds of stock goods and business is quite prosperous. In fact, these stock goods are mostly weeded out from the Yiwu commodities market. Although these are inventory, they are still attractive since prices are low. There are not only domestic customers but also many foreign businessmen among the “goldrusher”. In order to attract business, we can see many store signboards are not only written in Chinese but as well in English and Arabic.

Entering a shop, we saw a variety of bags. The owner said, “in fact, these bags are new style except that they are made of stock materials. These stock goods are much cheaper than those in the market. For example, an item sold 7 yuan in the market while I sell 6 yuan. Thus my sales volume is great because ‘Small profits make quick turnover’!” A customer from Henan province said he came here specially to buy wholesale scarves as they are more expensive in other places, as in (Yiwu) commodity market, a scarf is more than ten yuan, while here it sells only two or three yuan and he can sell 15 yuan in her shop. The sales volume is not bad with thirty to fourty pieces a day.

As a global distribution center for small commodities,  Yiwu has brought together a large number of foreign businessmen, especially businessmen from the Middle East and Africa, who particularly like to buy the inventory in the stock street. A businessman from Yemen said,”I have been to many markets and compared the prices, I think the stock market is advantageous in price, I’m very glad to find such cheap goods.”

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With flourishing business and comparatively low rent, some sagacious merchants began to assign dealers in the stock street to sell new products.

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