International Logistics Center Raised a New Energy Saving Mode

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International Logistics Center Raised a New Energy Saving Mode

As an international logistics hub in central and western regions of Zhejiang, every day Yiwu city will have more than 2000 container trucks shuttering between Ningbo ports and other nationwide enterprises. The amount of fuel is very huge. Therefore, the Urban Transportation Development Corporation innovatively developed two new business and spared no efforts on energy saving action and achieved fairly good effects.

The corporation spared no efforts to expand the uncoupling and trailing business of container trucks. The traditional containers adopt the transportation mode of tracter and trailer connected. The tracter and trailer transport is that tractors drop the trailers at cargo loading and unloading points accordingly and continue to run after putting on other trailers. This can significantly avoid empty running and ineffective transportation, reducing energy consumption and exhaust emissions, so it has been widely used internationally. The Transportation Development Corporation set up the international container operations center and practise the tractor and trailer transportation. In two months, it has successfully completed 980 drops and putons. The average fuel consumption of each truck has been reduced by 20-30%.

The company also introduced the container return business. Yiwu is located in the interior and goods are mostly export-oriented. The international container transportation has a common phenomenon of “one light and one heavy”. “one light” means that the container from Ningbo to Yiwu is empty, “one heavy” is that the container from Yiwu to Ningbo is heavy with full goods. Therefore, there is an empty trasportation, which will create a great waste of energy. While the energy saving and emission reduction potential is also great. The core idea of this business is to achieve the “double full trasportation” between Yiwu and Ningbo through the platform of logistics. This is accomplished by building container yard, and the company is in responsibility of communicating with shipping or freight forwarding companys to arrange full containers from Ningbo to discharge in Yiwu or the surrounding area, and then put the empty container to the container yard for Yiwu export enterprises to book containers. In this way, empty container transportation can be avoided so as to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction. Currently the Transportation Development Corporation has joint customs, Zhejiang E-port companies, shipping companies, freight forwarders and other departments and units to carry out this business.

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