House Renting in YiWu

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House Renting in YiWu

In 2010, Chinese government carried out a series of policies to repress Chinese soaring housing price. With some certain effects obtained, the housing price in China still keeps increasing sharply, which leads a phenomemon that many Chinese hold a hesitating attitude towards buying a house suite, instead, they choose to rent one first. However the high renting demand pushes the price of renting also and so does it in YiWu , such an international trade city .

FuTian Market is the biggest market in YiWu and the rental for the houses near the market stays the highest. However a large number of bussinessmen would choose to rent houses in this vicinity for its convenience. With the continuous flourishing of international trade in YiWu, the upgoing rental in this area would never comes to an end. The rental in YiWu rises around 30% from 2009 to 2011. Presently, the price of renting an apartment with three bedrooms and a living room around the Binwang Market Buliding One goes about 28,000 yuan RMB for a year, while around FuTian Market Bulilding Three , 40% cheaper. In other areas of YiWu Urban distrticts, renting a suite with three bedrooms and a living room with simple fitment costs nearly 20,000 yuan RMB one year, and with one bedroom and one living room costs around 7,000 yuan RMB one year. The businessmen who come to YiWu for web marketing or entrepreneurship are concentrated living in QingKou, XiaWang, WuAi, QingYan. If you prefer houses with much cheaper prices, you should make cleaver decision to avoid renting houses in these areas. And if the houses in rural areas are acceptable to you, the rental of three bedrooms and one living room is around 8,000 yuan RMB for one year, much much cheaper. More and more people go to look for roommates for joint rent in order to rent a house in convenient areas and to reduce the renting expentitures. The new comers to YiWu who need to rent a house may search Internet first to get  a better understanding of different rentals in different districts, then go to a specific district for renting notice. You could contract with the the landlord for more details with the telephone number on the notice.

Although it is very tiresome and troublesome to rent a satisfying house in a busy city and also in YiWu, I still strongly hope that every renter can come to one in your favor finally.

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