Hot Sale Jeweleries in Winter

by | Dec 6, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments


When winter comes, as the impact of climate change, sweater necklace, scarf buckle and other commodities become the main products selled in Yiwu market and enjoy a hot sale in Yiwu market. Both domestic and foreign buyers are actively purchasing this kind of jewelery. Alloy, diamond, strings of jade, natural pearls and other products are popular among buyers ,especially the natural pearls and jade sells prosperously.

“This winter, as the influence of South Korean fashion, bows design is very popular. And the jewelery with bows desgin lift a sales climax. “According to the introduction of a jewelery dealer on the second floor, District one of the International Trade City, bows designed jewelry has always been the favour of female buyers. Varies designs of butterfly hair clips, butterfly brooches and pendants can be seen everywhere on the market. Especially for the hair accessories,the bows pattern is best revealed.

In this year’s winter jewelry trend, both the exaggerated style and metal vintage style are popular. Affected by the evolution of the international fashion trend, this year the jewelery market is full of exaggerated and rigid metal style. Complex design, large parts of jewelry chains, black and bronze metal chain all become the main element of jewelry market in this season. Besides, the price of such products are often not very high. For young people who is in pursuit of fashion but lack of financial resources this is a very appropriate choice.

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