Hong Kong to Yiwu flights
Hong Kong to Yiwu flights
Are you a foreigner want to come from Hong Kong to Yiwu doing business?
Hong Kong to Yiwu flights just between every year 1st July, to 31st Dec., As Yiwu is just a small city and there are no non-stop Hong Kong to Yiwu flights for the whole year.
If you want to find Hong Kong to Yiwu flight, it must be in the special time, say attending Yiwu fair, and from 18th Sep.2012 and 18th Dec, 2012. Yiwu will hold nine fairs:“7th Chinese frame industry and adornment exhibition”, “The 19th Yiwu real estate trade fair”, “The fourth session of Yiwu lighting fair”, “18th Yiwu international small commodities fair”, “2012 Yiwu advertising technology equipment exhibition”, “18th Yiwu international small commodities fair mechanical exhibition”, “The fifth China Yiwu forest products exposition”, “13th China (Yiwu) international socks, knitting and dyeing machinery exhibition”, “2012 Yiwu autumn winter clothing exhibition”.
To be frank, all the customers who come to Yiwu are not for Yiwu fair, but for Yiwu market. Yiwu market is the largest wholesale market in the world, it is opened every day except 15 days closed during Chinese new year holidays.
From 1st, July to 31st Dec, you can go to Yiwu directly by flights from Hong Kong.
From 1st, Jan. to 30th, June, there are no direct flights from Hong Kong to Yiwu, you can take a bus from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, then fly from Shenzhen to Yiwu.
Except by Hong Kong to Yiwu flights, other way from “Hong Kong to Yiwu”.
Or if you are in other province of china, please click “how to get from Yiwu from my country”.

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