Yiwu Products

Yiwu stockings

Yiwu stockings Most of Yiwu Stockings factories have shops in Yiwu market, are you a stocking sellers in your country? Yiwu market will be your goods suppliers; a large number of Yiwu stockings will amaze you when you come to Yiwu. Each year 50 billion pairs of Yiwu stockings flow around the world, it has […]

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Yiwu carry case & bag

Yiwu carry case & bag Did you plan wholesaling Yiwu carry case & Bag now? Next month Yiwu will hold a carry case & bag and material equipment exhibition, the detail time is on April 13 to 15 days, you could not miss the fair. As you know Yiwu carry case & bag on the […]

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Yiwu cap

Yiwu cap Hi, are you doing caps wholesale or retail in your country? Welcome to Yiwu hats and caps market purchasing, Yiwu caps & hats are located in the 2nd floor, Yiwu China international trade city district 4. Yiwu is a market city; it is famous for its small commodity, after 30years development, Yiwu become […]

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Yiwu scarf

Yiwu scarf Yiwu scarf is not belongs decorations market, it is individual, there are a Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market in Yiwu market, it is located in 4th Floor,International Trade City,District 4. Scarf is a decoration which can match in all year, four seasons. So in Yiwu, the scarf industry has a big market, especially […]

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Yiwu auto parts

Yiwu auto parts Near Yiwu International Trade City market district one, there is a professional Yiwu auto Parts street, are you in Yiwu? And want to find Yiwu auto parts, or wholesale autos motors? Yiwu auto parts consist by six trading parts: “auto supplies, auto parts area, hardware area, fast repair decoration areas, Foreign Trade […]

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Yiwu toys

Yiwu toys Yiwu toy market has various toys, and sells around the world. For example: in Yiwu International Trade City, a special Barbie doll not only has a set of stylish clothing, but jewelry accompanied. Such as boots, handbags, necklaces, combs, hair dryers, etc., some gift packaging with the clothing of all kinds of occasions. […]

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Yiwu kitchenware

Yiwu kitchenware Yiwu kitchenware is located on 3rd Floor, District 2 of International Trade City. 300 shops are doing kitchenware business, I can’t describe one item details for you, because Yiwu kitchenware market is so big, the goods is much more, so I just can led numbers for you. The category of Yiwu kitchenware mainly divide into […]

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Hong Kong to Yiwu flights

Hong Kong to Yiwu flights Are you a foreigner want to come from Hong Kong to Yiwu doing business? Hong Kong to Yiwu flights just between every year 1st July, to 31st Dec., As Yiwu is just a small city and there are no non-stop Hong Kong to Yiwu flights for the whole year. If […]

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Yiwu jade pendant

Yiwu jade pendant The Yiwu jade pendant in Yiwu jewelry market is selling hot, especially dragon jade pendant, because 2012 is the dragon year. Dragon for the mythical deified animal worshipped, it has the snake’s body, lizard’s legs, phoenix’s claw, antlers, fish scales, fish tail, and tiger’s whiskers beside the lip, with a bead shape […]

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Yiwu islamic products

Yiwu is a place of different religion, with different church. So the religion product market in Yiwu is big. Here I mainly introduce some Yiwu Islamic products. Yiwu Islamic products in china Yiwu international trade city divide into islamic electronic product ,islamic muslim products, islamic art products, hajj products, ipad kids, digital islamic products, islamic […]

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