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Yiwu rulers

Yiwu rulers Rule is used to draw a line, measure the length of something. The material of Yiwu rulers, which seated in International Trade City District 2, are made of paper, wood, bamboo, leather and so on. The types of Yiwu rulers usually include angle square ruler, right triangle ruler, isosceles triangle ruler. When we […]

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Yiwu motorcycles

Yiwu motorcycles Yiwu motorcycles are driven through gasoline engine,it need hands to operate the two wheels or three wheels. They are very easy and flexible, and they are very fast to drive. They are widely used to patrol or take some small quantity goods. Motorcycle has a long history and they it is used everywhere. […]

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Yiwu eraser

Yiwu eraser Eraser is small, but it is very useful for many students. Yiwu erasers are seated in International Trade City District 2. There are many manufacturers to make all kinds of erasers. Nowadays, Yiwu eraser are rather different compared with before, nowadays, Yiwu erasers are very colorful and cute. All kinds of type’s erasers […]

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Yiwu eyewear

Yiwu eyewear Yiwu eyewear located in international trade city district 2, and the first floor. Eyewear consist of lens、eye frame. When we come to eyesight, it has glasses for the myopia、and spectacles for long sight. If you want to protect your eyes, you should take the effective measures. Yiwu eyewear has many types, sunglass、eyesight glass、presbyopic […]

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Yiwu ladders

Yiwu ladders Yiwu ladders located in Yiwu China international Trade City District 2, and the second floor. With the development of the society, ladders are widely used in our daily life. When people want to decorate their rooms, a ladder is very necessary for them to get higher. When someone wants to hold a big […]

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Yiwu pencils

Yiwu pencils I bet everyone has to write, and with a nice pencil in hand is always a beautiful enjoyment. So Yiwu pencils are always on your right hand. Yiwu pencils are located in International Trade City District 2, and the first floor. Yiwu pencils include a simple pencil、some colorful pencils and so on. Some […]

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Yiwu mobile

Yiwu mobile Yiwu mobile is very popular at present; many people come there and choose any mobile they like. The types of Yiwu mobile are very various and the function of them is very variety. Yiwu mobile can classify into several types, such as bar phones、flip phone、touch screen phone. As to its function, most mobiles […]

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Yiwu film

Yiwu film There is no doubt that Yiwu film is very well-known and famous. Especially Hengdian City, where is very near Yiwu city, is very famous for its film place. Every year, many directors come there and play many films. So there is no reason that you should miss Yiwu film. Yiwu films have different […]

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Yiwu furniture

Yiwu furniture Yiwu furniture is very super and magnificent as there are many towns near Yiwu city which they plant large quantity of trees. The towns’ trees are very good, and most of them are used to make furniture to meet customers’ needs. Yiwu furniture market is located in Xicheng Road, which is very big. […]

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Yiwu sandals

Yiwu sandals The wheather become hoter and hoter after the International Labor Day. Are you ready for coming grinding weather? Yiwu sandals on Yiwu shoes market will accompany with you through the whole summer. Yiwu sandals market can provide you with the women sandals, men sandals, childrens sandals with different size. It’s amazing that woman’ […]

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