Yiwu rulers

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Yiwu rulers

Rule is used to draw a line, measure the length of something. The material of Yiwu rulers, which seated in International Trade City District 2, are made of paper, wood, bamboo, leather and so on.

The types of Yiwu rulers usually include angle square ruler, right triangle ruler, isosceles triangle ruler. When we need to count the data, we should say slide rule. There is also a kind of rule that is very popular among the constriction which called measuring tape. Every engineer has one on their hands, since it is very convenient to measure the information they want.

Every Yiwu rulers has the exactly CM and MM, it is easy for students to learn, and it is important for the manufacturers to develop new machine. Yiwu rule has plastics rules、wooden rules、 golden rules. Plastics rules most used by students. The golden rules are preferred to use industrial area.

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Updated on 26/08/2017

Yiwu rulers

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