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The First Cell Phone in the World

  The First Cell Phone in the World April 3, 1973, it was a day of historic significance. At that day, a 30-ounce brick was created. It was regarded as the world's first cell phone. Martin Coopper, an American former Motorola vice president and division manager, standing on Sixth Avenue in New York City near […]

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A General Introduction of Yiwu

  A General Introduction of Yiwu Yiwu, a city located in Zhejiang province, is famous in China as a commodities center. The Yiwu market is developed and managed by Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. China Small-Commodity Market in Yiwu has been topped China's 100 top open markets for 6 consecutive years and listed […]

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Educational toys

Educational toys In the stage of growing up, all kids like to play with anything they can get, and they will feel happy to play with them, such as books, food and anything like these. So it is very important to give children a kind of toy that can educate can, which can promote their […]

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Mobile phones

A mobile phone, cellular "cell" phone or hand phone is a mobile electronic device used to make mobile telephone calls across a wide geographic area, served by many public cells. A mobile phone can make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobiles and fixed-line phones across the […]

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Designer toys

Designer toys Now you can see in TV or from the internet, you can see a lot of cute dolls, all of them are in special shapes, and some of them are like a vivid animal, just as we know that Andy Liu has two cow baby sons, they look like human. They are so […]

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With Sexy Lingerie Showing her body

 With Sexy Lingerie Showing her body As a woman, be sexy and hot is fall in additional to make men love them. Therefore, it is very important for all women to do something that can withstand its appearance of people, especially men. If you see in magazines, there are many models that show his slender […]

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LEDs in Yiwu

  LEDs in Yiwu LED, also known as light-emitting diode is a semiconductor light source. The functions of LEDs are to be indicator lamps in many devices. Nowadays, LEDs are increasingly used for other lighting, such as applications as diverse as replacements for aviation lighting, automotive lighting (particularly brake lamps, turn signals and indicators) as […]

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Skins and Design Covers of Cell Phone

   Skins and Design Covers of Cell Phone The newest trend in cell phone accessories are skins and design covers in Yiwu market recently. The typical cell phone has become somewhat obsolete; current cell phones offer embedded features such as memory databases for storing frequently called numbers, locking features for theft deterrence, crystallized displays, internet […]

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Yiwu City Liyu Razor Factory

Yiwu City Liyu Razor Factory Yiwu City Liyu Razor Factory is a professional manufacturer which designs, produces and trades razors with one-off shaver stands and two blades. Yiwu City Liyu Razor Factory is located in the biggest Commodity City of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China. With advanced production equipment and accomplished skills, they constantly design, produce […]

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Women’s shoes

Women's shoes There is a large variety of shoes available for women, in addition to most of the men's styles being more accepted as unisex. Some broad categories are: 1. High-heeled footwear is footwear that raises the heels, typically 2 inches (5 cm) or more above the toes, commonly worn by women for formal occasions […]

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