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Suitcase  A suitcase is a general term for a distinguishable form of luggage. It is often a somewhat flat, rectangular-shaped bag with rounded/square corners, either metal, hard plastic or made of cloth, vinyl or leather that more or less keeps its shape. It has a carrying handle on one side and is used mainly for […]

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The materials of jewellery

The materials of jewellery There are many materials of jewellery. For example, diomand, bronze, gold, silver. In creating jewellery, gemstones, coins, or other precious items are often used, and they are typically set into precious metals. Modern fine jewellery usually includes gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, or silver. Alloys of nearly every metal known […]

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The Prospect of Yiwu B2B

  The Prospect of Yiwu B2B With 10 years of development, Yiwu e-commerce industry has made great achievements. Up to now, there are more than 40000 electronic enterprises, and more than 150000 employees in yiwu. And altogether there are 23000 websites in Yiwu. Yiwu now has become the largest concentration of e-commerce industry area. Yiwu […]

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  Sportswear Sportswear or active wear is clothing, including footwear, worn for sport or physical exercise. Sport-specific clothing is worn for most sports and physical exercise, for practical, comfort or safety reasons. Typical sport-specific garments include shorts, tracksuits, T-shirts, tennis shirts and polo shirts. Specialized garments include wet suits (for swimming, diving or surfing) and […]

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Scarves A scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck, or near the head or around the waist for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or for religious reasons. The craft of knitting garments such as scarves is an important trade in some countries. Hand-knitted scarves are still common as gifts as well. In Yiwu market, […]

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USB Fans in Yiwu

USB Fans in Yiwu Suppose you are working in a very office equipped with air conditioning, you would feel uncomfortable a period of time later. As we all know, it is necessary to take into account that in summer hot air at your workplace can considerably affect your creativity and even imperil your short-term health […]

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China International Toy and Hobby Fair

  The 9th chinese international Toys and Baby Products Fair is held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center from 12th to 14th .october 2010.In the Expo the chinese toys show its popularity and the influence.There are 786 exhibitors,2108 booths with the exhibition area of 43500,2500 domestic and foreign brans.In addition,this Expo received more than […]

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  Motorola, Inc.  was an American multinational telecommunications company based in Schaumburg, Illinois, which was eventually divided into two independent public companies, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions on January 4, 2011. Motorola designed and sold wireless network infrastructure equipment such as cellular transmission base stations and signal amplifiers. Its business and government customers consisted mainly […]

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Halloween handbags

Halloween handbags  Disney spokeswoman Michelle Harker said the latest offering of Harveys Seatbeltbags will feature scenes from the Tim Burton movie. Additionally, two other collections featuring Halloween-themes of skulls and bats will also be available. The popular handbag company, based in Santa Ana, debuted a Disney-inspired line of bags and wallets in 2008. Harveys spokeswoman […]

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Electric watch

A watch is a small timepiece, typically worn either on the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket, with wristwatches being the most common type of watch used today.  As technology progressed, the mechanisms used to measure time have, in some cases, been replaced by use of quartz vibrations or electromagnetic […]

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