The Prospect of Yiwu B2B


The Prospect of Yiwu B2B

With 10 years of development, Yiwu e-commerce industry has made great achievements. Up to now, there are more than 40000 electronic enterprises, and more than 150000 employees in yiwu. And altogether there are 23000 websites in Yiwu. Yiwu now has become the largest concentration of e-commerce industry area.

Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot official started several days ago. According to industry insiders prediction, e-commerce industry will attract morefunds into this field, so as to promote the "golden decade" of electronic commerce industry.

As we have learned that in Yiwu there are more than 40000 Taobao shop on-line, and the number of Taobao shop B mall (that is, business to consumer taobao mall) increases steadily with 200% promotion, and now reach at 500 shops. Taobao C shops (that is, consumer to consumer of ordinary shop) continue to keep rising with a double promotion. With the increasing of Taobao mall, the pressure of competition becomes clearer. Many yiwu Taobao sellers began to set up their own firm brand by taking the full advantage of Yiwu market. They begin to set foot in B2B to grasp the opportunity. The prospect of B2B in Yiwu will meet its peak time soon. Let's wait and see what happens.

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