China International Toy and Hobby Fair


The 9th chinese international Toys and Baby Products Fair is held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center from 12th to 14th .october 2010.In the Expo the chinese toys show its popularity and the influence.There are 786 exhibitors,2108 booths with the exhibition area of 43500,2500 domestic and foreign brans.In addition,this Expo received more than 50,700 professional buyers from 104 countries and regions all over the world.And the Expo achieved the remarkable results and make a neu record.The ranking among the similar exhibitions retain its position as first in china and as the second in Asia. 

In that exhibition, the overseas buyers from Russia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries and regions are significant growec,  the average growth rate are more than 32%. At the same time, well-known brands from overseas, large chain stores, trade Buyers of professional buyers have arrived at the scene, such as, Auchan, Carrefour, Homeretail Group, Jura Toys, Li Feng,Nanco-Nancy, Tesco, Walt Disney, Woolworths 360 Sourcing and so on. More than 200  Domestic buyers are all come  from the country Provinces of  the second and third tier cities, which have all levels of agents, and  the major  toy wholesalers distribution everywhere.Also large supermarkets, all kinds of chain stores and baby stores, model shops and other retail outlets.

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