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Customer from Cyprus visited our company on 19th

Customer from Cyprus visited our company on 19th February 19th, 2014, Andreas Evangelou, a customer who comes from Cyprus in lead of our company’s business unit leader Ivy Liu to visit our company, he is mainly engaged in trading of groceries. The entire visit accompanied by our boss Mr Tao(Oscar), he visited the exhibition hall […]

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Yiwu Exhibition for Spring Festival Shopping in 2014

Yiwu Exhibition for Spring Festival Shopping in 2014 Time:From January 7th,2014 to January 18,2014 Place:Yiwu MeiHu convention and exhibition center Yiwu city Zhejiang province (also known as China commodity city exhibition center and near by Yiwu international trade market) Theme: Shopping for Spring Festival When comes to the Chinese Spring festival, most of the people must […]

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Yiwu cosmetics china

Yiwu cosmetics china This is International Trade City District Three, if you want to buy cosmetic, you can go to 3F. L2 district2 second floor: Office supplies sporting goods L3 district3 second floor: Cultural and Sports goods L2 district2 third floor: Cosmetics L3 district3 third floor: Accessories / Accessories District H first floor: Glasses, Pen […]

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Good furniture in Yiwu

  Good furniture in Yiwu Good furniture in Yiwu ,there are furniture, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, kids furniture, acrylic furniture, chinese furniture, baby furniture, furniture decor vase, office furniture, mini furniture, led furniture, oak furniture.some furniture are made of solid ash wood. Good quality and good price. Welcome to Yiwu inquire the furniture.

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Invest & Cooperate in China

Invest & Cooperate in China Direct investment is always referred to as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which is sufficiently large to affect a company’s subsequent decisions, this is sometimes a majority ownership, but sometimes it’s just a significant minority ownership. There are three main types of direct investment: equity joint venture, contractual joint venture and […]

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Best hotels in yiwu china

Best hotels in yiwu china There are three best hotels in yiwu China. The first best hotel in yiwu china is Ai Lun Boutique Theme Hotel Yiwu. It is a 5 stars hotel,a vibrant yet professional environment where everything is designed to compliment guests at work, rest or play. The price is around 49USD to […]

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Professional trading agent in Yiwu

Yiwu Amanda Import and Export Co., Ltd.(Yiwu AmandaIEC) is a well-known Yiwu Trading Company, a leading Yiwu Agent, can supply professional trading agent in Yiwu. Our Yiwu trading agent services are as follows: 1. 2-3 experienced staffs help buyer to do purchase, one making records, one taking photos and one getting samples. 2. Production inspection […]

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Shipping ems yiwu

There are many ways for international express. Such as DHL,UPS, Fedex, TNT,EMS etc. Each way has their own advantages. Let’s just make a simple introduction about ems. As we all known, If the businessmen without the International express, they will not start to do the business with the foreign clients. I just talk about one […]

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Yiwu Road transport

Yiwu Road transport Statistics show that in Yiwu, road freight every day nearly 3 million tons, in the largest 20 international shipping companies have 17 busineses in yiwu, 10 top global shipping company have set offices in yiwu. Yiwu logistics network has across321 cities, basically pose a huge logistics network. Yiwu existing domestic logistics business […]

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Yiwu central Market

Yiwu central Market Yiwu central market mainly refers to International Commodity City is a professional and modern market constructed by China Commodity City Group based on a new concept of conforming to the development of internationalization/globalization. The first market of China Yiwu International Commodity City laid the foundation in October 2001, and went on a […]

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