Yiwu central Market

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Yiwu central Market

Yiwu central market mainly refers to International Commodity City is a professional and modern market constructed by China Commodity City Group based on a new concept of conforming to the development of internationalization/globalization.

The first market of China Yiwu International Commodity City laid the foundation in October 2001, and went on a trial operation on September 28, 2002; it started the official operation on October 22, 2002. The market covers an area of 420 mu, and a building area of 340,000 square meters with an investment of 660 million yuan, the main market is divided into five major centers, including the main market, manufacturers' direct sales center, commodity procurement center, warehousing center, and catering center. There is a total number of more than 7,000 booths in the market. The first floor is mainly for flowers and toys, the second floor is for jewelry, and the third floor is for crafts and accessories, the commodities here covers more than 20,000 varieties, it is China's largest special market for crafts and toys.

The 2nd China Yiwu International Commodity City has a total budget investment of 5 billion yuan, and covers a total construction area of 1,150,000 square meters, and there is a total number of 15,000 booths located in the market. The first phase project of the second market started operation on October 24, 2004; it has the construction area of 660,000 square meters, and more than 7200 business booths with about 10,000 contractual suppliers. The market deals mostly in hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, bags, watches and clocks, rain gears, and so on. The second phase project  of the 2nd market covers an area of 400,000 square meters, and was delivered for official operation in September 2005, it is mainly engaged in 6 categories, including cultural goods, sporting goods, cosmetics, glasses, button, and zipper. The second market reaches to an area of 2,600,000 square meters after the 2nd phase project opened to operation; it has become the largest consumer commodity market in the world.

The third market of China Yiwu International Commodity City started operation on October 21, 2008. The market is mainly engaged in commodities ranging from hosiery, articles of daily use, gloves, knitting and cotton wear, hats, ropes, laces, collar laces, wool, towels, shoes, belts, scarves, bras, and other underwear.

International Commodity City market (Futian Market) followed a policy of "scientific planning, first-class designing, and modern building", committed forward-looking to create an entirely new market development space, and led the leap from traditional distributed market to modern international market. International Commodity City market is the landmark of Yiwu in its effort to build an international commodity city, it is modern, information-based, and international.

International Commodity City is equipped with complete facilities; it has a beautiful environment, and also a powerful service network. The market is equipped with central air-conditioning, commodity lift, passenger elevator, viaduct; large-scale facilities such as car parks, cars can enter the market on each floor. There are also professional Foreign Service centers, procurement and business operation area and information management system. There is a large full-color information screen in the market, single and two-color information display board, broadcasting systems, and digital information website. At the same time, diversified and humanized design elements are incorporated into the market, services such as catering, telecommunications services, leisure in the middle of the market, transportation, and financial services are all introduced into the market, it is an international business platform combining shopping with tourism.

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