Yiwu Road transport

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Yiwu Road transport

Statistics show that in Yiwu, road freight every day nearly 3 million tons, in the largest 20 international shipping companies have 17 busineses in yiwu, 10 top global shipping company have set offices in yiwu. Yiwu logistics network has across321 cities, basically pose a huge logistics network.

Yiwu existing domestic logistics business units is 1126, set of customs clearance, booking, shipping, inspection, container transportation, warehousing, bonded, trucks flight in one of the international freight forwarding 1056. Road freight directly to the country’s 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, has opened six times railway lines, more than 20 major stations of establishment of rail transit check points in Yiwu, more than 100 air freight agent forwarding business in Yiwu, steady growth in air cargo and mail. In 2001, the first shipping company settled in Yiwu, China Shipping, Sinotrans, China COSCO, CGM, APL, NYK, ZIM shipping and a dozen well-known international shipping company in Yiwu set up branches and offices. According to statistics, last year, the quantity of import and export cargo is 43.31 million tons in all society.

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