Businessmen busy in promotion during countdown of Christmas in Yiwu

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Businessmen busy in promotion during countdown of Christmas

Christmas is approaching and every where in Yiwu you can see smiling Santa Claus, colorful Christmas tree, shiny color candy. The festive atmosphere is gradually growing intense. Various products with “Christmas element ” are also favored by customers and become magic Nuggets of the smart businessmen.

In the century Hualian supermarket, the reporter saw a wide variety of musical Christmas trees, Christmas hats, Santa Claus dolls and other beautiful ornaments are placed in a prominent position at the entrance. The rabbits are also dressed in festive clothes and transform into “Christmas Rabbit”. According to the words of staff, last month the supermarket has launched a full range of Christmas ornaments and the sales has been climbing all the way in December.

The main consumer groups of Christmas economic are naturally the fashion young people and student groups. Shopping, having dinner, watching movies, going to KTV, spending Christmas Eve together is the main choice of this group. For this reason, all major shopping malls of Yiwu are trying their best to prepare for Christmas activities. Catering enterprises and bars, KTV and other entertainment  announce the Christmas Party, “Silent Night ” holiday meal set and other various activities one after another in meeting the upcoming “golden period ” and attract consumers to consult and book services.

With the approaching of Christmas day, the efforts of Yiwu business promotion are increasing. In order to thank all the help and support from our friends and clients in the past year, Amanda group specially make a Christmas theme webpage. Thank you for all your help and merry Christmas! welcome to visit our website

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