27 companies share the 200 million “red packets ” for brand building

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27 companies share the 200 million “red packets ” for brand building—from Yiwu News

Yiwu News—-Yesterday, the 2009th Examination work of  Yiwu brand financial incentives was successfully completed. Twenty seven enterprises shared the 2159,239 RMB for brand building. Among these prizewinning enterprises, one company won the award of China Well-Known Trademarks, five business enterprises was given the award of the Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province, fifteen enterprises won the award of Famous Trademark of Jinhua city, and 6 enterprises won the award for International Registered Trademark.
According to the documented stipulation of municipal government, the enterprises which get China Famous Trademark will be awarded 1,000,000RMB once and for all; enterprises which get the title of Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province will be awarded 200,000RMB once and for all; enterprises which get Municipal Famous Trademarks will be awarded 30,000RMB once and for all. In recent years, municipal department of industry and commerce make great efforts to assist enterprises to apply in-depth implemention of the four in one brand strategy-“fostering brand, building brand, using brand, maintaining brand”, and actively guide companies to develop their brand, and encourage enterprises to accelerate the pace of registering international trademarks. Currently, Yiwu city has eight well-known trademarks identified by administration, 83 Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province, 219 Famous Trademark of Jinhua City, and 1126 International registrated Trademarks.

Yiwu municipal industry and commerce department help enterprises enrich the brand derivative products, excavate the brand Fortune potential, and make full use of brand resources through publishing helping stipulations  and administrative instructions. They did all these works trying to get a new round of development opportunities for Yiwu enterprises.

On September 28 this year, Yiwu Shuangtong Commodity Ltd.   signed letter of intent on pledge of trademark right loan financing with Zhejiang Yiwu rural cooperative banks and got an secured loan amounted to 10 million RMB for their trademark, which means a breakthrough for the “Zero” hypothecated loan of exclusive right to use Yiwu enterprises trademark.

According to other information, starting from next year, Yiwu municipal goverment will no longer award money to enterprises which get access to municipal famous trademarks and municipal trade names.—-Yiwu News

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