2011 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair

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2011 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair

2011 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair from the Ministry of Culture, co-sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang Province Department of Culture, Cultural Industry Association, Zhejiang Province, Yiwu Municipal Government, 20 April 2011 -23 at Yiwu Meihu Expo Center, to “enhance the culture, growth of cultural industries” for exhibition purposes.

Yiwu Fair was founded in 2006, has been successfully held four sessions, as the current domestic style led the industry’s trade show. Yiwu Fair as “cultural products trade, culture, innovation and development” as the theme of the exhibition, focus on innovation and optimization services. Since its inception in 2006, carry forward the cultural products of the “commodity” property and the trade fair “trade” effect, efforts to speed up China’s market-oriented cultural industry, in various places in the Fair trade, internationalization and the unique cultural China’s Ministry to support one of the four Fair, the eastern region is the only event in the cultural industry, was named 2008 “the most influential brand of cultural industry exhibition.”

2011 Yiwu Fair will be held on 20-23 April 2011 in Yiwu City International Expo Center. Mainly in trade exhibitions, conferences and other forums and supporting activities plates composed, focused and trade functions to the core trade of cultural products, carrying out exhibitions, talks, forums and other supporting activities. Set rows in the main city hall in strict accordance with, the same principles of gathering, according to reasonable categories of goods exhibitors set exhibition. The default culture office, sports entertainment, arts and crafts classes, creative animation and toys, books, audio and video classes, painting classes 6 categories more than 10 antique trade area. Fair with the theme will be held over the same period various types of special exhibitions, such as international cultural products trade show, the Asia Pacific Forum, the China Red Star Design Award Tour, join Yiwu Fair – painting and calligraphy into Yiwu activities. This year’s Fair for 2000 international standard booths. Expected to be at home and abroad with more than 60,000 professional buyers, including more than 4,000 overseas visitors, over 30 overseas purchasing groups; realize trade volume of more than 1.8 billion, of which more than 50% foreign trade turnover.

2011 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair mainly includes the following sorts .Working class culture ,Include: school supplies, teaching supplies, office supplies, writing instruments, art supplies, paper products, four treasures, uniforms teaching aids, festival supplies, computer digital, office supplies, printing supplies, printing and packaging and equipment, cultural gifts. Sports Entertainment, Including: sporting goods, fitness equipment, outdoor leisure products, entertainment products, ball and ball supplies, sports protective equipment, sports memorabilia, glasses, musical instruments, chess, poker, educational toys, playground equipment, fishing gear, etc. Buddhist Articles Buddha,include: Buddha, incense products, candles, lamps, and other Buddhist Converting .Embroidery Arts and crafts classes Embroidery, include:weaving, wood Compilation, jade, lacquerware, enamel pottery, clay stone, shadow puppets and masks, Yellow Gold device, paper-cut pictures, handicrafts, etc. Antique painting class Calligraphy,include:painting, oil painting, prints, antiques, stamps, coins, collectibles, fine ornamental stones, etc. Performing Arts in Media Audio-visual equipment, include :video products, digital TV and equipment, digital entertainment products, audiovisual equipment, performance equipment, performing groups show class Creative animation class Creative design, creative works, animation products and derivative products, and other life .Audio Books categories,include: Books, news publications, electronic and audio-video.

The 2011 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair of China and even the world is significant and is a edify sentiment sublimation soul place.

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