Yiwu’s Shopping sites

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Yiwu’s Shopping sites

Yiwu’s Shopping sites basically has the following four categories: yiwu large market, yiwu characteristic street, yiwu business circle, and yiwu boutique. Yiwu known as “the sea of small commodities , shopping paradise”, on the streets full of beautiful things and goods, you can buy everything. Full of the beautiful things distributed in the countless large wholesale market, characteristic street, business circle and brand shop, make people open horizon. Especially in international trade mart you still can see many rare and unique products which you can not see in the general market at ordinary times, most of these products is the Middle East style decoration, household commodities, these are directly customization by foreign companies , so generally not sell in our own country.

The biggest Shopping sites of Yiwu is the large market. The large market developed in commerce and market prosperity. Yiwu commodity market with the economic characteristic that low price, whole varieties, information quickly, keeping reputation and use small, more, fast, and new features to attract merchants in all directions. At present, yiwu commodity market total business area over 50 million square meters, 26,000 official booth, basically have international trade mart, Enterprise garden market, Binwang market, Knitting market, Textiles market, Appliance market and indoor supplies cultural market sites. The Market in turnover nearly 200 billion yuan every year ,then was ranked the first market fair last six years,and awarded the honor of “the civilized market fair “for seven years .

Another famous Yiwu’s Shopping sites is Yiwu characteristic street.” field is given priority to, field street combination” is an important factor of yiwu called mall. Due to the “buy nation goods, sell nation goods” characteristic, yiwu attracted manufacturers and merchants from all parts of the country. The street whose building  is not tall and decorated not luxurious received special attention, formed the characteristic street. The century city mall, exotic amorous feelings street is the most representative.

The other two Yiwu’s Shopping sites —Yiwu business circle and yiwu boutique.The business circle including department supermarket, yiwu antique painting and calligraphy city town and so on. Yiwu boutique is yiwu’s unique commodity advantage, attracted businessmen union, with lots of special store brand. Representative are: Valley dress, Fashionable gens dress , HongYe boutique , Daibill jewelry.

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