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Yiwu is very nice and it has many beautiful landscapes over there, the wholesale markets and it is also a nice spot for many tourists. There it shows many different kinds of culture and products there. 

The location of Yiwu is rather perfect, it connect with other cities very convenient and the transportation in Yiwu is very convenient; Yiwu not only has train station, but also have the airport. The big train station and the big airport are very convenient. 

The food in Yiwu market is more amazing, here they provide all kinds of food from many countries food. They even have India Food Street, Arabic Street and so on. 

What’s more, there are also many beautiful parks in Yiwu. Like Xiuhu Lake Park, Jimin Shan park, and so on. 

Except Buddhism, Yiwu also has the place for Christianity, Islam. Every week, many people would come there.

Yiwu hold small commodities fairs every year; there are many customers come there and there. And they all enjoy the beautiful moment when they are in Yiwu fair. Many kinds of products are showing there. 

Yiwu also has many friendly partners of other cities, like Roman, London and etc.

The natural resources are rather variety and the agriculture is also amazing. 

There are many streets which are very famous. Whether you come to Yiwu a rest or for your business, you will have a big harvest in the end. 

If you have never come to Yiwu, please feel free to contact us, our No 1 Yiwu agent may help you. 

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