Yiwu thermostat

Yiwu thermostat

Yiwu thermostat adopts the newest art design and micro programmed control unit, and it can easily to control the switch of high tech, fan coil of fun and electric valves and electric air valve and others. It equipped the function with high gear, middle gear, low gear and self-control. It also governs the switch of its cooling, heating, and ventilation, and it ensure the high quality safety, and it is easy to control.

For those nice functions, Yiwu thermostat is no wonder welcome. And it widely used in office building, shopping mall, industry and medical treatment and etc. It dominates the temperature in a dated boundary, to make sure the inside high quality environment.

Under automatic situation, Yiwu thermostat can safe your time, the crystal screen is also very clear to read the exactly information. 

Yiwu thermostat is very convenient and it is a very useful tool for inside, and it can monitor the inside heating very easily. If you would like to know more information, please feel free to contact us, we are No 1 Yiwu agent, and we will give you our best service.

Yiwu thermostat

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