Yiwu-The Main Origin of World Christmas Supplies

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Yiwu-The Main Origin of World Christmas Supplies

China Yiwu is the world’s major manufacturing base of  Christmas products. According to industrial statistics, 80% of the global Christmas goods are from China, of which nearly 75% are sold out from a small city in eastern China.

In order to promote the Christmas supplies industry, Yiwu City set up the only Christmas Supplies Association in China in June, 2009. Secretary-General of the Association introduced the sales situation of Christmas goods: Christmas goods manufacturing bases are mainly in Guangdong and Yiwu, the birthplace is in Guangdong while Yiwu has a small commodity platform. Now the major marketing platform is in Yiwu where products are at middle and low leval. Products in Guangdong are middle and high-end. Foreign Christmas orders were placed from March to September and delivered from September to November. Then November to December is the Christmas goods sales period of domestic market.

Put into use in 2002, the stores in International Trade City shew tight supplies due to the short supply in Christmas supplies market. The Christmas products professional street was opened in April last year to meet the growing business needs. These businesses mostly have their own manufactories, including large enterprises and family workshops. Among nearly 500 stores in the Christmas professional street, 80% have their own factories in the suburbs.

In 2010, The international market of Yiwu Christmas supplies were further opened, of which South America and other emerging national markets became new sales lightspot. The top nine countries that Yiwu Christmas merchandise exported to are Colombia, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, the United States, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Italy, among which exports to Colombia value nearly $ 2,650,000. Central and South America and other emerging markets will become the new growth point of sales of  Yiwu Christmas supplies in the future.

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