Yiwu the eighth of China’s top 100 counties

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August 14 and 15, 2010 the nationwide county economies, scientific development annual exchange conference opened in Haicheng, Liaoning province.  Yiwu passed to the top 10, being placed on the eighth on the list of the tenth China’s top 100 counties in the county economy.
More than 500 of the leadership and experts from center rural work leading group attended the meeting.
Yiwu has been in top 10 five times continuously, of which four times were the eighth. On this year’s top 10 counties, Jiangsu was the seventh, Zhejiang was the fourth, and then was Cixi, Shaoxing, Yiwu and Yuyao. Guangdong and Fujian were both No.1 on the list.
There were Yongkang in sixtieth and Dongyang in seventy-fourth from our city.
The list was based on the comparison, checking and screening of the public data by the county institute of economics and evaluated from 2009 the county economic target and scientific development.
The economic target contains population, GDP, local financial revenue, urban per capita disposable income, rural per capita net income and so on. A scientific development has three aspects;degree of relatively rich, relatively green index and the human environment in scientific development following the happiness index。
The county institute of economic which was established in December, 1998, is the first dedicated national independent expertise for economic researches and services, known as“China’s first county economy”.
The data from statistic department displayed that in 2009 Yiwu’s GDP per capita broke though 10 thousand USD, reaching to 10160USD. It was the first county among the city.
According to the standard of the World Bank, GDP per capita over 10 thousand USD is the symbol for one region turn into developed from developing situation.

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