Yiwu snow boots starts have a goog market in domestic

by | Aug 9, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

before a few days the International Trade City District business households Hanqiu Ling said. “Foreign businessmen began back in April, orders, and after several months of continuous production, foreign trade large orders are basically coming to an end, now mainly domestic orders received, many from Shandong, Xinjiang , Inner Mongolia and other northern cities, buyers have begun stocking orders. ”
Now although they are still the height of summer, but the thick warm snow boots has become a popular commodity. International Trade City in the footwear business district, many buyers are busy stocking orders, to ensure that a normal delivery of snow boots when the cold weather coming. Compared with last year’s snow boots in the style changed little, but the choice of materials in the production tends to diversify. Sheep wool supply tight, price up a lot. The middle-high of a sheep wool snow boots, the current wholesale price of more than $ 300, compared to last year, up to 30%. In contrast, the materials use brown velvet and fake fur snow boots, the wholesale price is between 25-55 yuan, due to relatively inexpensive, so those snow boots become the sales champion.

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