Yiwu Restaurant

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Yiwu Restaurant

Yiwu restaurants are very common and popular words in this high-speed developing city. There are countless restaurants in Yiwu commodity city. And the dishes vary in all kinds, maybe you name it, they have it.

Yiwu restaurants could be classified by their scale, function, specialities,etc. Maybe the most special and attractive restaurant in Yiwu is Jimaohuantang Restaurant. Firstly, it is special in its name, which has quite a deep meaning. This name means exchange sugar with chicken-feather, and in ancient times, it was a system of barter. Secondly, it is special in its decoration. The tables and chairs in this restaurant are all made of bamboo and you will see the countryside style. Thirdly, it is special in its dishes. The typical village cuisine will give you an unforgetable impression. Griddle cooked cabbage, Margarya and chicken, Stewed pettitoes and duck with bean sauce, Thin sheets of bean curd are all the specialities of this restaurant. Some other dishes like Steamed fish head with chilli pepper and Iron platter needle mushroom are also quite popular.

Other Yiwu restaurants like Damofang and Yiwurenjia are also quite prevail. They are both famous for their delicious flavor and reasonable price. These restaurants seem hot forever, especially at the time of Yiwu Fair. You have to book seats before you go there in order to prevent your waiting.

Yiwu restaurants are numerous in number and most of them are attractive. Thus you will see that the snacks have already become a kind of speciality of Yiwu city. Maybe every tourist or client will come to these restaurants to satisfy their taste.

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