Yiwu Radio and Television Station

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Yiwu Radio and Television Station

Yiwu Radio and Television Station is the only institution that undertake the designing and broadcasting of radio and television programs, deal with the constructing of the whole city’s cable broadcasting network and digital television platform. It consist of General Office, chief editor’s office, career development office, grassroots management office, social management Office, broadcast center, television, press, television, business center, programming technology center, network center, digital development center, advertising department, etc.

Yiwu radio and television programs press close to the masses, serve the society. And they are full of local characteristics. The radio programs involve 2 files of news, 25 files of self-making programs for each day. The television programs include 4 files of news for each day and 6 files of self-making programs for every week.

Since 1998, Yiwu Radio and Television Station has won more than 120 governmental awards including 17 national level awards and 54 provincial level awards. The radio and television have been winning the special prize and the first prize in news collaboration of Zhejiang province.

Yiwu Radio and Television Station starts at high point and the input is quite a lot. It is built according to the requirements of modern radio and television center. Nearly 6 million was invested in purchasing mobile television and station broadcasting vehicles. And the network development is in full swing.

Yiwu integrated cable information platform consists of cable digital television and data broadcasting. Cable digital TV mainly involves ordinary TV programs, the VOD of movies and TV channel. Ordinary TV programs collect many professional channels like CCTV, Zhejiang TV, Jinhua TV, and so on. Yiwu digital television project establishes 2 NVOD style cinema including Chouzhou Theater and Mall Theater. Data broadcasting include sun-government, convenience services, store information, Financial Express, surf the Divine, Chehangtianxia, in Yiwu, Star Enterprise, weather information and so on.


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