Yiwu Pavillion and Zhejiang Pavillion

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Yiwu Pavillion and Zhejiang Pavillion

New stage for quality goods

Yiwu Pavillion and Zhejiang Pavillion will be builded in Beijing.Our reporter learned from the Market and Trade Development Council that the constructing of Zhejiang brand products display center has started, and Yiwu City participated in the programme as the only county-level city in municipal operations. It has been decided that Yiwu Pavillion has an area of 250 square meters, and that there will be 10 enterprises to display their quality goods in Zhejiang Pavillion.

It is said that construction of Zhejiang brand products display center is promoted by the Zhejiang Provincial Government. This decision, which is a long-term mechanism and stratage, is made for enterprises to cope with international financial crisis and to promote economic development.

The display centre locates in place in northern extension of Beijing axis line, the third layer of Beijing Xiushui buiding of South Park of Chinese Nationality Park, with a total area of 1,7000 square meters. The main models are  retail, wholesale and display. The center hall is devided into different theme pavillions by provincial and municipal brand goods pavillion and professional sectors.  They are Zhejiang pavillion district, 12 prefecture level cities (including Yiwu) and a number of featured product area.

To promote the center construction, Yiwu City and Zhejiang provincial and municipal governments will adopt preferential policies to encourage enterprises to participate in.

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