Yiwu palette

Yiwu palette

Many painters need palettes when they draw. Palette is a kind of tool that is used for reconciling the pigment when drawing pictures. It is the useful tool for painting. Yiwu palette also do it, and it is located in International Trade City District 2, the fourth floor.

There are many kinds of Yiwu palette, the common seen usually have rectangle palette and oval palette, two types. It is amazing that rectangle palettes are selling better, because it is easy to put into the oil painting. There are also have some other circle palettes.

The material of Yiwu palette mainly produced with wood, when adjust to pigment, it is easy to clean, and it is smooth on the surface. The glass palettes could not only save the material, but also show the clearance of the picture. The plastic palettes and ceramics palettes are also the kind for Yiwu palette.

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Yiwu palette

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