“Yiwu Mode” Came into Chongqing Hechuan Commodity Market

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“Yiwu Mode” Came into Chongqing Hechuan Commodity Market

“Yiwu Mode” Opened A New Chapter of Economic and Trade Cooperation Between Zhejiang and Chongqing

On October1, Chongqing(Hechuan) Commodities Wholesale Market invested by Yiwu Gold Fields Sunshine Investment Group was formally opened. The 1st Western China Commodity Fair rose the curtain at the same time. There were tens of thousands of citizens came to purchase in the market on the openning day and sales amount was more than 24 million yuan. “Yiwu Mode” has opened a new chapter of economic and trade cooperation between Zhejiang and Chongqing.

80,000 People Came into The “Commodity Ocean”

Entering into the Hechuan market as if it were Yiwu International Trade City. Its architectural style, the layout of commercial spaces and classification of goods etc. are so strikingly similar with Yiwu market. The Central Market business zone of the Hechuan Commodities Wholesale Market covers an area of over 150,000 square meters and is currently the largest single commodity market building in southwest China. The market accommodates more than 4,000 merchants from Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong and local Chongqing. Yiwu commodity market will continuously deliver goods to Hechuan. In this market, bargains in blunt “Yiwu Putonghua”accent can always be heard, which makes people feel at home. It is known that the market operates a variety of more than 600,000 of products, including household articles, jewelry, clothing and footwear, luggage, toys and high-grade furniture as well as many other types of products close to life.

“Yiwu Mode” Reappeared in Hechuan Market

At the beginning of 2009, invited by Chongqing Hechuan district government, Gold Fields Sunshine Investment Group took pre-investigation and found that western China has great potential for market development. Hechuan’s superior geographical environment, convenient traffic conditions and preferential investment policies issued by Hechuan government accelerated the pace of the group to enter the West.

On Yu Consulting Meeting held In the same year on May 13, Hechuan small commodity wholesale market became a major investment projects. The Sunshine Group and the Hechuan District Government formally signed. This project was listed as key construction project in Chongqing and key project to be implemented with “prosperous and strong Hechuan” strategy in Hechuan District. From investigation to the openning of the first district, the project took only one and a half years.

In the purpose of “building a good market, developing local economy, enriching local people”, the Sunshine Group adopted the concept of Yiwu market construction and meticulously programed and designed according to high-qualification, high standards and high configeration. The center market of about 150,000 square meters is installed with 20 escalators, 2 sightseeing lifts, eight fire elevators and central air conditioning, background music, monitoring system, automatic fire sprinkler system and other facilities, creating a good business environment.

“Chongqing is the most economic dynamic city in the west. The geographical advantages of Hechuan are very obvious, so we chose Chongqing as our first stop on the path of entering the west. We hope Yiwu commodity market can continuously provide goods to Hechuan so as to strengthen economic and trade exchanges between two palces and to drive the radient regional consumption through large-scale professional commodity market to benefit the local people and promote local economic development. “Chairman of Sunshine Group Weihai Kim revealed the long-term goal of establishing Hechuan market.

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