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Yiwu Menglei industry & commerce co.,ltd is a factory which based trading company with a wide range of gifts and home products. They own their own and partner factories, which have powerful design and production capability. They also customize products according to samples or design from our clients. The Professional I/E service of Yiwu Menglei industry & commerce co.,ltd is to ensure you can more effective purchase and export in China Commodities City-Yiwu. 

Yiwu Menglei industry & commerce co.,ltd extends a warm welcome to customers from home and abroad, and the service content belongs purchasing, collecting, goods inspection, leasing vessel, ordering space, custom entry, submitting document, settlement exchange, canceling after verification, export drawback, information consultancy, foreign oriented services, consolidate training of foreign trade and foreign trade English training etc. a series of services. 

Our company Yiwu Amanda could be the buying agent for every client from different area, with offering the assistance in purchasing specific items, looking for the Chinese products for foreign businessman. We could take to visit Yiwu Menglei industry & commerce co.,ltd. We sincerely hope that no matter whatever business you want to do in China and no matter who you are, please contact us and try our proficiency services. Wed like to build up a friendly business bridge between you and China Market for glory career together with you. Contact us today!

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Please send email to sales@yiwuen.com or call +86 15267958555.