Yiwu market history


Yiwu market history

Yiwu market history is very interesting.Yiwu used to be a normal city of Zhejiang Province. It was very poor, and farming nature condition was not good. So, there were a lot of people sold sugar for a living. The Yiwu government allowed citizens to sell things beside the road. After this,Yiwu ever-growing business trading firm.

Yiwu market history Yiwu first generation market:Yiwu Small Commodity Market originated in the late 1960s Niansanli.

Yiwu second-generation market: Yiwu Taejo temple farm.Dongfan Yiwu TaiZu temple the second generation of the market after the opening of the nearly two thousand stalls quickly laid them come daily trading more than million people, more than 60% for foreigners to apply the approach by an endless stream

The third generation of commodity market in Yiwu two expansions to the end of 1990, has become China's largest wholesale market of small commodities professional. Yiwu market turnover exceeded 10 billion in 1991.

Fourth-generation market:Yiwu Huangyuan Market.

The fifth-generation market :Yiwu International Trade City. From “chicken feathers for sugar "to" world supermarket ", Yiwu, this city built on the market, the beautiful transformation.

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