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Market is the biggest economic characteristics and advantages in Yiwu. Yiwu has established the marketing system with the core of China Yiwu International Trade City, supported by 9 professional markets, more than 30 professional street-phase, with complete transportation, property rights, labor, and other factors.

Since 1982, the first Commodity Market in China was established, after five times extension, nine times moving, the market area is 3.6 million square meters, the number of booths is more than 70 thousand, and nearly 40% of the goods producted in Yiwu, directly employees are more than 22 thousand. In 2009, the Yiwu market’s turnover reached 51.803 billion yuan, increased by 7.58% to last year, inclouding China Commodity City’s turnover of 41.503 billion yuan, increased by 9.2% to last year, get the 18th consecutive nation wholesale market’s top.

The professional market’s turnover was 6.54 billion yuan, increased by 5.13%. After 20 years of development, gatherd 41 industries, 1901 categories of more than 40 million products. “A sea of commodity,A paradise for shoppers” has become a prosperous, civilized and synonymous with the city of Yiwu.
The history of Yiwu Market

1978 The businessman of Yiwu with a drum-shaped rattle in their hand wandered about the streets, exchanging sugar for chicken feather, started their road to the market.
1982 Second-generation scaffold Commodity Market was local in Xinma Road, Yiwu
2008 Today, Yiwu Commodity Market has grown into a national center for small commodities, international commodity procurement base, and rated by the United Nations, World Bank, Morgan Stanley Bank as “the world’s largest household goods wholesale market.”

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