Yiwu mannequins

Yiwu mannequins

Mannequins are a kind of artworks that make creative images for models; mannequins are necessary means for those art works to improve modeling ability. Yiwu mannequins also full of advanced art works that have a good fame among the world for its customers.  

The types of Yiwu mannequins are usually of tall height, the mannequins have many different postures. Some cool small mannequins are for boys and girls, many cloth designers put them on different fashion clothes which are very symmetrical between the clothes and mannequins to foster their cloth image among their customers. 

There are many other single mannequins like the heads. They use the head to put on many special hairstyles which attract many customers. The material of Yiwu mannequins usually made of resin and glass, fiber reinforced plastic and others. 

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Yiwu mannequins

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