Yiwu Mall Group Attended The 2010 China (Linyi) Market Trade Fair

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Yiwu Mall Group Attended The 2010 China (Linyi) Market Trade Fair

September 16th to 18th, 2010, Yiwu Mall Group delegation, led by general manager Wu Bo, attended the 2010 China (Linyi) Market Trade Fair which is organized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Shandong Provincial Government, etc., hosted by Shangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, CCPIT Shandong Province and People’s Government of Linyi Municipality.

This Fair employed “market trade” as the main line and “display, communication, cooperation and win-win” as the theme, and has attracted political leaders, senior officials, business associations and approximately 100 thousand customers and businessman from nearly 20 countries.

On the Fair, in various ways such as model display, DVD play, brochure delivery, reception and discussion, etc, the Mall Group mainly demonstrated the overview of some large-scale exhibitions such as Yiwu Fair, Tourism Commodities Fair, Forest Fair, Consumer Goods Fair and Hardware Electrical Appliances as well as the profile of Yiwu International Trade City and the Mall Group. It also promoted the ONCCC site, shopping tourism, Yiwu Small Commodity Index and released a total amount of more than 6,800 copies of various promotional materials, received nearly 200 consulting clients at home and abroad. The three-dimensional publicity has won high praise by leaders such as Liu Fan, deputy director of SAIC and He Jihai, honorary president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce etc. The Fair aroused various media, large and small to broadcast news. On the Sixth Summit of the China Commodity Market held in the same period in 2010, some leading markets such as China Yiwu Commodity City, Linyi Mall, China Shaoxing Textile City and Wuhan Hanzheng Street etc. also received the” China Top 50 Most Brand Valuable Commodity Market Honor”. This Fair effectively promoted exchanges and cooperation between Yiwu market and other domestic professional markets, further expanded the visibility and brand influence of Yiwu China Commodity City in Shandong Province and created more business opportunities for economic and trade cooperation between Zhejiang and Shandong.

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