Yiwu Luke Paper Factory


Yiwu Luke Paper Factory

Yiwu Luke Paper Factory is the manufacture which produces different kinds of paper products. It is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. Yiwu has a flourish cargo industry, which makes manufactures, company, and private easy to send goods to other countries or regions. Customers can wholesale different kinds of paper products in Yiwu Luke Paper Factory. Its main products include neck paper, aluminium foil, and depilating paper.

Yiwu Luke Paper Factory is established in 2004, it has adhered to the business philosophy of “customer first, forge ahead”. Due to the low price and high quality of its products, it sales its products to many other countries and regions and has got a good reputation.

If you want get more information about Yiwu Luke Paper Factory, please contact us. You will get the best service from us. If you want to go to the Yiwu market to look for more paper products, we can take you to the market.

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