Yiwu international trade city

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Yiwu international trade city 

Yiwu international trade city divide into five districts, there are district one, district two, district three, district four and district five. Besides, inside the markets, it supplies more than 20,000 thousand types of products, and it also shows the different products come with different styles of different regions.

Yiwu international trade city, district one provides all kinds of toys, hair ornaments, jewelry, ceramic crystal, photo frame and so on. District two shows more variety, like bags, umbrellas, hardware tools, electrical products, home appliance and so many others. As to district three, it is more amazing that it is not offer stationary for offices, but also has many kinds of pens and erasers. What’s more, all kinds of cosmetics can only meet your needs. 

When it comes to district 4, scarves, shoes, belts, socks and many other kinds of necessarily have more choice. District 5 showing accessories for cars and buses, knits and weaves, and etc. 

All in all, Yiwu international trade city is the greatly paradise for the wholesalers from all over the world. So many products are all for your choice. Please do not hesitate, it’s the time come to Yiwu now, and it’s the time for you to experience the fantastic place in person. 

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Yiwu international trade city

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