Yiwu Halloween Mask Come to Sales Peak

by | Sep 23, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yiwu Halloween Mask Come to Sales Peak

November 1st is western traditional ghost festival—Halloween’s Day. However, this festival is not just the West’s “Halloween” , to Yiwu International Trade City, the festival also means a Halloween mask sales “rush season”. Our reporter visited the market and found that September is a sales peak period for Halloween mask in Yiwu.

In the West, the atmosphere on Halloween day is much unlike how its name sounds “creepy”. When Halloween arrives, the children cannot wait a second to wear the colorful costume, dressed in a black cloak and of course, a claw devil mask is essential. Although China doesn’t have the custom of Halloween, yet some of the traditional Halloween activities are very attractive to many Chinese people.

“In recent years, on each Halloween, many entertainment institutes would masquerade balls, which is bound to need a lot of Halloween masks. In previous years, most Halloween masks were for foreign trade. Since people were so enthusiastic for this festival, mask business gradually started in domestic market and the wholesale volume was growing day after day”, a businessman told our reporter in the interview, “Halloween masks have already owned certain share in Yiwu market. The more funny the mask looks, the more appealing it is to buyers and consumers.”

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