Yiwu Futian Market

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Yiwu Futian Market

Yiwu futian market also called Zhejiang Yiwu international tourism trade city or international trade city. It is located in Chou Zhou Road, Yiwu city. 

Yiwu Futian market in total has three areas; the first two areas have A B C D E F G H, these eight areas, among them A, B, C, D, E are divided into the first area, F,G,H are for the second area. There are three floors in total for the first area and the second area. And it shows different lines of products are all over there. 

As to the third area, there are four floors there in total. It is also very necessary to handle in all the products lines, and the exactly place for them to find the accurate products. The distributions of all the products are also different, there are located in different area. 

Yiwu Futian market is the biggest wholesale market in China, every day, there are more than ten thousand people walk inside the market and purchase the products they want. 

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Yiwu Futian Market

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