Yiwu Feng Yi Import and Export Co., Ltd

Yiwu Feng Yi Import and Export Co., Ltd. is committed to domestic network trade, mainly for Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, pat.com, independent b2c mall sites and small and medium-sized wholesalers across the country and other merchants to provide sources of goods.
With the lowest price, the lowest mixed batch requirements, the best quality assurance, good faith transactions, small profits; the company and a number of manufacturers to reach a strategic partnership, the use of convenient and low-cost network trading wholesale mode, reducing the traditional wholesale transactions, the maximum degree of benefit to the global merchants, is committed to creating a Yiwu Small Commodity Market, a professional network of wholesale platforms. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system.

#We are the No. 1 Yiwu agent in Yiwu, and we welcome businesspeople from all over the world. For every inquiry and production, our company promotes the slogan “SPEED and QUALITY”. SPEED denotes a 12-hour response time. QUALITY denotes that every shipment will undergo an internal, piece-by-piece inspection. Concerning the quality of the products you buy from our firm, you need not worry. Feel free to contact us!

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Please send email to sales@yiwuen.com or call +86 15267958555.